Compensatory Education
Disability Discrimination


Bullying and Harassment

J.G. was bullied and harassed at his school.

The lawyers at the School Law Center

helped to find a resolution. His parents provided the following feedback of their experience with the School Law Center.

"We felt like our case was always the most important. Phone calls were always returned promptly. Research was done to help us make decisions. We never felt like we were being offered something that was unattainable. Everything was always kept in perspective. We were given options and allowed to make choices. When we needed immediate help you were there. If you were out of town you notified us, and kept Amy abreast of what was going on so she could help us out if needed. J.G's well-being was always the center of every decision that was made. When we said that we would not do anything that would jeopardize his mental health it was taken seriously and other avenues were explored. Many, many, many times you stepped in and made immediate decisions when you knew we were too emotionally stressed out to deal with the situation at hand. The guidance that was given to us when dealing with doctors notes and our concern with the early end of treatment. You listened when I just needed to plead my case to someone. You made sure that we had enough information to take on our case. Once again I felt like your concern was always J.G. and you would not put him or us through all the nasty paperwork if the case did not merit it. You made time to meet with J.G. when he was struggling with the whole situation. And most importantly was the smile on J.G's face when you asked him to send you an invitation to his graduation!!!!! "


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